[image: John running in the Sporting Life 10K]On your mark. Get set. GO! Great news vegetarian and vegan sports fans. Buoyed by the sweet taste of success in the Sporting Life 10K race earlier last month, the Veggie & Fit team of runners is preparing for a new challenge. Their goal this time is Toronto’s Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon on September 30, 2007. Once again, organizer Marvin Nguyen reminds us that good health doesn’t start and stop at the dinner table. It also involves incorporating regular exercise into your daily life. Lack discipline and motivation, you say? No problem, you don’t have to go it alone. Join the Veggie & Fit training program and receive all the support you need to complete 5km, a half (21.1km) or full (42.2km) marathon. All in all, Marvin hopes to field a team of 27 veggie runners! For more details, to sign up, or to offer words of encouragement contact Marvin at marvinng@hotmail.com.We’ll be checking in with the team over the next 4 months to see how they’re doing and adding our proud voices on race day as part of a special cheerleading squad.Stayed tuned for more!

On Sunday, May 6, the Veggie & Fit team of runners added a splash of red under brilliant blue skies, as they completed a popular 10K race in downtown Toronto. With the Veggie Challenge logo pinned to their backs, everyone proclaimed the day a huge success. “It was, great. A lot of other runners saw that big, red tomato and asked what we’re all about.”

On a recent podcast, organizer Marvin Nguyen said he had two goals in mind. 1. Send a powerful message to the public that vegetarians can be strong and fit. And 2 – encourage existing vegetarians to go further. We think he and the Veggie Runners did just that. Congratulations to Brian, Mary, Caroline, Erika, Edmond, John, Jim, Anton, Darren, Milind and Marvin.

Since we began featuring stories on a team of veggie runners participating in Toronto’s upcoming Sporting Life 10K (see previous posts), we’ve been amazed at the response.

Damian Wiechula from Toronto wrote:

I agree with you that you don’t need to be an omnivore to be a successful athlete. I started mountain bike racing 6 years ago, and in my first four years finished 2nd and 3rd in the Ontario Cup Masters Series (for competitors over 50). In the last two years, I have won the Ontario Cup Series and Provincial Championship, again in the Master’s division. I’ve been a vegetarian for well over 20 years and a vegan for the last 8 years, and nobody has ever accused me of lacking energy. Other competitors are constantly asking how it’s possible to race without a meat diet, while I wonder how you can possibly race on a meat diet. Thank you for your efforts at promoting vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.”


The photo was taken in Sept. 2006 at the Ontario Provincial Cross Country Mountain Bike Championships. Damian is standing in the middle with a gold medal around his neck – the winner of this event!

Podcast at veg.ca

[Brendan Brazier]Marvin Nguyen was a guest recently on Toronto Vegetarian Association’s weekly podcast. He promoted his group of veggie runners who are training for the upcoming Sporting Life 10K on May 6, 2007.

Marvin has two goals in mind. 1. Send a powerful message to the public that vegetarians can be strong and fit. And 2 – encourage existing vegetarians to go further.

“Veg runners are great,” says John, who hosted the show. He recommends a new book by Ironman triathlete, Brendan Brazier called the Thrive Diet – available in Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Resource Centre. Brendan will be in Toronto June 10 to give a special talk to teens, parents and students.

Here’s an event that will dispel any myths that vegetarians lack strength, and help you get on the right path – Veggie & Fit. On May 6, 2007, join a group of vegetarian/vegan runners in Toronto’s Sporting Life 10K, a celebration of fitness along Canada’s most famous street. For more details and to sign up, visit sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/veggierunners.

 If you need some inspiration, read OrganicAthlete.org’s interviews with elite vegan athletes including ironman triathlete, Brendan Brazier; pro cyclist, Molly Cameron; ultramarathoner, Scott Jurek; pro bodybuilder, Kenneth Williams; and pro surfer, Katie Coryell. They also have an excellent guide to vegan sports nutrition.