A great day out for the Veggie Runners – a team of around 14 runners successfully completed the 10k Sporting Life race in Toronto this past Sunday. The Veggie Challenge team was there cheering on the runners, and at the same time handing out a whole bunch of information to the crowds and race participants. A great time was had by all. The Veggie Runners made a great impression, proving, as their banners proclaimed that they were indeed ‘veggie & fit‘.

If you’d like more info about the Veggie Runners, check out their group on Facebook. Not on Facebook? Send an e-mail to veggiechallenge@veg.caThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
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and we’ll get you connected.

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Leader needed, now found

Update: Marvin is back.  The next run is Sporting Life 10K on May 4. Check out the Facebook group: “Veggie Runners.”

Veggie & Fit’s is indebted to Marvin for getting the ball rolling for veggie fitness here in Toronto. Unfortunately, Marvin had to move out of town to Kitchener. With his departure, Veggie & Fit and the Veggie Runners Group was without a leader.

But YOU can change that. All it takes is for someone to assume the role of leader and become the contact person. We have helpers that can update this website with training schedules (such as a weekly run or cycle) and upcoming races. Further promotion could be through talking to friends, setting up a Facebook or Yahoo account, announcing the group in community papers as well as publications that reach runners or cyclists, posters in your community, etc.

We are also open to supporting people in other cities and towns who want to start a Veggie & Fit group.

 “Go Veggies!”

That cry could be heard all along Toronto’s waterfront as the Veggie Runners, bearing colourful signage, dashed across the finish line of the Scotiabank Half and Full Marathons in support of the Veggie Challenge. Congratulations to all the runners who demonstrated by their terrific performances that you can be veggie and fit.

And let’s not forget a huge thank you to the team supporters who also came out very early on Sunday to carry the Veggie Challenge banner around Metro Hall. We received so much positive feedback it was worth losing a bit of sleep.

For more info about the Veggie Runners and to find out where their next event will be, visit Veggie & Fit.

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[image: T-shirt design showing a running carrot cartoon] Our thanks to the Veggie Runners who came down to the 23rd Annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair on Sept. 7-9. They did a terrific job helping us in the Veggie Challenge tent and created quite a buzz walking around the Fair in their new t-shirts (great job, Eliana)!

On September 30 the Veggie Runners will participate in Toronto’s Scotiabank half and full marathon in support of the Veggie Challenge. You can show your support for the Challenge by cheering them – loudly – from start to finish. On race day we’ll be down at Metro Hall with our Veggie Challenge banners showing off our veggie pride and putting an end to the myth that vegetarians don’t have the right stuff.

To be a Veggie Runner or join in the race day festivities as a team supporter see Get Involved or send an e-mail to veggiechallenge@veg.ca.

Yes, you can be veggie and fit!

[image: Marvin and Brian after a race]My name is Brian Deslauriers and I have trouble remembering a time when I did not love running and watching track events.

For the last 30 years, except for a 5-year period, I settled for running mostly 2 to 3 mile distances about two and a half times per week. However, last November I read “Younger Next Year” which stresses, for those of us beyond 50, the importance of working out 6 days a week and pushing yourself to sweat and achieve a significant level of fitness. Achieving 6 days per week is tough, but this year I have almost doubled my workouts to five per week. Just as importantly, I have set my sights on running longer and faster. I’m not fast by any standards, but by varying my training to include interval, speed and distance workouts my times have been improving. In the last week I completed my first 9-mile run, and then golfed in the afternoon.

People in the Veggie & Fit running group have offered a lot of encouragement, especially Marvin who has been constant in his belief that I can complete the September 30th ScotiaBank half marathon. Well, maybe. Even if I’m not ready for that race, I am very much aware of an increased physical fitness this year, much greater stamina and a lower resting heart rate. I believe “Younger Next Year” is something we can all achieve if we recognize the importance of devoting time to our own fitness.

Photo: Veggie runners Marvin Nguyen and Brian Deslauriers at the “Run for Canada” finish line.

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On September 30, 2007, a group of Veggie Runners will participate in the Scotiabank Marathon in support of the Veggie Challenge and to show that you can be Veggie & Fit! Timothy Christ plans to be there.

Timothy’s journey began over 20 years ago with the knowledge that he was lactose intolerant. From there it was a slow process of making ethical decisions to limit his animal product intake: not easy, considering he was a chef for many of those years.

Although Timothy considered himself a vegetarian, he was a poorly educated one. His diet was high in calories and low in nutritional density. Then things started to change. He began studying to become a registered massage therapist and personal trainer. In the process he shifted to a vegan diet, and for the past 4 years has been vegan and 70-100% raw.

Today Timothy is an RMT at Toronto’s Cornerstones of Health Clinic. He credits his success in 6 marathons and 2 Ironman races to leading a balanced and holistic lifestyle. He also notes that the greatest improvement he has experienced with his Raw Vegan diet has been in post exercise recovery.

His weekend workouts while training for his second Ironman competition were in excess of 12 hrs. Yet by Tuesday morning he was completely recovered.

Timothy places great value on the children of the world, and puts his extra time and energy to help those that are in need or less fortunate than his own children. This is why he supports HUG (Helping for a United Good) and Guluwalk.

In the coming weeks we’ll tell you how you can show your support for the Veggie Challenge by cheering Timothy and all the Veggie Runners on race day.

Stay tuned for more!

 Meet Veggie Runner Tori Conde from Mississauga, a long time vegan who has been “playing” with raw food for about 2 years. She’s so committed to the lifestyle, even her daughter has been vegan since birth.

Tori has run numerous marathons, including Boston, which she qualified for on her first try! She is a Physical Education teacher at North Peel Secondary School in Brampton and instructs spinning and group weight lifting exercises at a local fitness centre.

As if that wasn’t enough, Tori’s running club is off to Disney World in January. Tori herself will compete in her 3rd GOOFY – a half marathon on Saturday followed by the full marathon on Sunday! So how does she do it?

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